Application machines

In-house application of security elements

Although applied holograms and other security elements are often delivered to the document producers for integration into their products, an in-house application brings strong benefits like the following:

  • -     Security enhancement through consistent control over the entire production process.
  • -     Cost decrease (material, transport, and logistics).
  • -     Seamless process management
  • -     Higher flexibility of production timing with independence on delivery scheduling.
  • -     Building own machinery center and thus independence on providers.

In-house application with OPTAGLIO technologies

Technological advantage and decades of practical experience enable OPTAGLIE to be an exceptionally good partner for in-house application of security elements.

  • -     Unique techniques that are not offered by anybody else
  • -     Tailoring application machines to particular clients
  • -     Easy instalment
  • -     Undiscerning operation, operators fill feeders and take output away
  • -     Machines constructed from easily available standard components
  • -     Support from OPTAGLIO during the initiate phase of production
  • -     Easy reconfiguration for other documents after finishing the production
  • -     No additional license /mandatory support fees
  • -     Opportunity to implement OPTAGLIO advanced optical security devices