Holographic Hot-stamping Foil

This foil is designed for machine application onto a variety of substrates paper or plastic both as a single image or continuous stripe. It is applied using heat and pressure (hot stamping). After application, the holographic image cannot be removed from the substrate without leaving visible signes of tampering.

Holographic foils can be supplied as:

A registered hologram

A single holographic image with a register or reading mark provided.

Hot Stamping Foil_2

A non-registered hologram - An optical device or hologram which creates a continuous design (wallpaper) .
Hot Stamping Foil_1

Foil types:
Silver holographic foil
Gold holographic foil
HRI holographic foil (high-refractive index) - transparent foil (allows readability of information under the foil)
Partly metallized foil (semitransparent) - allows partial readability of information under the foil.

Scratch-off foil special multilayer opaque foil serving to cover important data. Data are visible only after scratching off the foil.

We supply the foils in rolls. The customer determines the width of foil, core, rewind code and the distance between individual holograms.



Application to various prints, plastic cards for:

Brand protection (labels for cosmetics, medicines, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, cigarettes, electronic)
Transport tickets (trains, buses, city transport)
Tickets (concerts, exhibitions)
Certificates of guarantee, certificates
Lottery coupons, vouchers, meal tickets, cheques
Identification cards (passports, visas, ID cards, driver's licenses, entry passes)
Valuables - stocks, cheques, bonds, banknotes, bills of exchange